Let me quickly drop a few writing tips to tease us today. * To be a good writer is to start writing every day. As Mark Twain said, “the secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Try using new words. i.e avoid repeating words. this way we learn the usage of different words. Do edit... Continue Reading →



As a creative, self-branding is something you can not do without. In fact, self-branding is what defines the creativeness in you. WHAT IS A SELF BRAND? A Self-brand is making yourself known for a particular thing. A self brand is easily identified with some consistent values, beliefs, patterns, and messages. A self-brand has its on... Continue Reading →

‘FOUR GRAY DEVILS’. A short fiction I wrote On Trump’s Border Family Separation Policy.

Another sharp scream jolted me up from Dave's laps to a sitting position. The bawl drew nearer and then those four potbellied men in their gray color uniform matched into the large building. One of them had a girl in his arms who struggled and kicked the air. The men looked deafened to her cry... Continue Reading →

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